rig building

Rig building from wood and metal


We are one of the few specialists in Europe who are capable of supervising large riggings from first drawings to the fully built large sailing yacht. In Germany we are the only offering square-rigger new buildings.


We supply rigging for yachts and ships, from a wooden mast for a 5 metre dinghy to hollow-laminated masts for 6 KR yachts to masts and spars for large sailing yachts made from aluminium or steel. We are also acquainted with special shapes like masts lined with wood veniers or carbon fibre booms for Arabian Dhows.


Our works include Lili Marleen (Aluminium/Steel), Sea Cloud II (Steel), Cisne Branco (Aluminium, Steel), Fridtjof Nansen (Steel/Wood), Doriana (Aluminium/Wood), Roald Amundsen (Steel/Wood) and many others.


We supervise the manufacturing of masts, spars and veniers, as well as standing and running rigging. We supply sails and deck winches, and we assemble ventilation systems and electrical equipment in and on masts.


We deliver via truck or ship to any harbor worldwide and assemble ready-to-use. We can also instruct your crew and do test drives.