We have more than 30 years of experience in the boating and yacht building sector. We worked in shipbuilding as well as in repairing boats.

We traveled to remote places with boats and ships, for instance we travelled to Greenland, the Northwest Passage, Spitsbergen, Antarctica and German rivers.

We constructed and performed repairs on small boats, large yachts and tall ships by ourselves or supervised and processed them for ship owners. We have experience from operating our own yachts and tall ships.

We have repeatedly supervised repairs and construction of new boats as owners’ representatives.

You too can profit from our experience!

  • Supervision of construction
  • Handling of repairs
  • Owner representation
  • Consulting
  • Assesment
  • Crewing
  • Transfer
  • Handling of insured loss
  • Supervision of reconstruction and refits
 owner representation
box eignervertretung

schriftart r1 c48ou do not have the time to worry about the details of shipyardwork.You want a professional...

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 project management
box projektmanagement

schriftart_r1_c44ith our experienced team of multilingual yacht and shipbuildingprojectspreferablycarein Europe...

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 refit and repair management
box refiturep  schriftart_r1_c44e are experienced boat and ship builders, shipbuilding and mechanical engineers, captains and recognized experts.

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 Film Theater Werbung
box filmuco schriftart r1 c2motor yacht on stage in a theatre? A racing rowing boat which sinks at full speed? ...

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