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We design and construct motor and sailing yachts of all sizes. Our spectrum ranges from the clinkered dinghy to gentleman racers, sailing yachts of various sizes up to the 155 m passenger ship.

We have been constructing boats, yachts and ships since 1988. Our experienced team of engineers and designers will be glad to give you advice. When dealing with larger projects, we work with specialized colleagues, e.g. with Oliver Design/Bilbao for interior design, SDC/Hamburg for steel hulls, or Naval Design/Venice for passenger ship technology

Upon request we create drawings with approval by German Lloyd or Lloyd’s London, Norske Veritas or other classifications.

We work with SeeBG and create MCA compliant documents.

We deal with GRP, wood and steel as building materials. For carbon fiber and aluminum we reach out to experienced colleagues.

We work with modern software, e.g. AutoCAD, TurboCAD, Poseidon and Rhino, but also by hand. Drawings are available via e-mail, on CD or plotted.

Some examples of our previous work:

  • Segeldinghis of 2-4 m length 
  • Roman galley, 28 m
  • Boats of 5-8 m length
  • Sailing yachts ,12m, 16m, 22m, 32 m Slup
  • Gentlemanracer, 10m, 12m und 14m length
  • Traditional sailing boats, 39 m cutter rigged
  • Gaff schooner, 44 und 60 m length
  • Motor cabin cruiser 12 m, 21 m, 36m length
  • Large sailing yachts, from 50m  Brigg up to 155 m five-masted ship

Take a look at our references. 

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 sailing yachts
box segelyachten

schriftart r1 c44e design and construct motor yachts of all sizes made from wood and metal.

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 passenger sailing ships
box segelpassagierschiffe

schriftart r1 c38raditional vessels, sail training ships (civil and military), passenger sailing in every ...

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 gaff a yardarm rigging
box takelagen

schriftart r1 c6lassic gaff rigs and square riggers, whether private yacht, ship or training tall ship.

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 motor yachts
box motoryachten

schriftart r1 c12rom the open Tuckerboot about formverleimte Superyachtbeiboote up to gentleman racers. We design ...

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 special vehicles o wood a steel
box sonderfahrzeuge

schriftart r1 c16overcraft wooden Roman galley, steely tug, Fast Attack Boat, Superyachtbeiboote...

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