pass sail a training ships

We design and construct passenger sailing ships and training ships, as well as traditional vessels of all sizes. In the portfolio, we have designs ranging from a 24 m training ship with brig rigging, to 60 m wooden passenger sailors, 105 m long military training siling ship up to a 152 m long 5 stars Passenger with 5 masted dyna-rigging.

Specializing in wholesale rigging we are able to create classic and modern concepts, i.e. Gaff rigs and square-riggers, and combinations thereof, and also  Bermuda riggings as well as dyna-riggings.

Traditional systems with manual control, including the use of wind system, also Jarvis Brass winches are designed by us.

We also design partly and fully automated systems with Furling systems, captive Winches, hydraulic plants and sensor controlled rigging, and we looked after them until delivery.
We create complete designs and constructions from line drawings to the workshop drawing, from specification to maintenance instructions.

We organize and supervise the production upon request of the shipping company. We can train the new crew and also organize the annual maintenance.