sailing yachts

We design and construct motor yachts made from wood and metal. Our products range from small dinghis to 30-60 foot sailing yachts to large schooners and traditional sailing vessels. .

We provide drawings for hull and supporting structure calculate the propulsion system and get the documents ready for deck layout and superstructure. Particular attention is paid to interpretation of the rigging, keel and rudder. We make construction drawings for your requirements of the interior construction; in short, we provide the complete set of drawings including electrical plans and bilge systems.


Early in the design stage, we ensure that your yacht sails well balanced and receives sufficient ballast. We have extensive personal experience in dealing with yachts of all sizes. Our own "fleet" ranges from the Flying Dutchman Pirates up to a 50 m brig.


Upon request we provide not only technical drawings, but 3-dimensional views of the intended surfaces (renderings). If you want, you can already virtually "walk around" in the planning stage of your yacht.

In addition we calculate the speed of the respective design. If needed, the documents include the closure plan, security plan and for large yachts we also provide the shipboard part of the ISM code.

As a special service we also draw rigging on "foreign" hulls or finished documents for the conversion of vehicles to large professional sailors.


In collaboration with the University of Kiel, we can create a wind tunnel and towing tank documents.