With more than 25 years of experience, we are available both in case of damages as well as in the evaluation of your yacht. When acquiring second-hand ships, we create state reviews and opinions.
We work globally and are available at short notice. We have our own instruments for almost all tasks, such as measuring color coating thickness, endoscopy, sound pressure measurement, exhaust gas temperatures, speeds, weights up to 20 tons, laser leveling, and measurements clearance for shafts and rudders, rigging orientation, velocity measurements, wind pressure, gas system testing and all electrical tests.

We are a certified auditor for gas systems on yachts.

We are a recognized member of the Germanic Lloyd and Lloyd's Register and

  • Water Sports Industry Association (BVWW)
  • Association of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern shipping reviewer (VMVS)
  • Association of Sport boat and shipbuilding experts (VBS) and
  •  Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME / USA) and
  •  The Shipbuilding Technology Society.

Wir sprechen Deutsch, Englisch und Spanisch.


box wertgutachten  schriftart_r1_c44e evaluate sailing yachts and sailboats of all sizes worldwide with the help of our skilled personnel.>>
 rigging report
box takelagegutachten schriftart_r1_c44e produce reports for both modern and traditional rigging. Be it a Bermuda sloop or a 5 mast square rigger. >>
 condition report
box zustandsgutachten  schriftart r1 c38ogether with you we create a full condition report with repair plan based on our thorough investigation of your ship.>>
 damage report
box schadensgutachten schriftart r1 c48our boat was damaged in an accident? We can help! >>
 stability report
box stabilitaetsgutachten  schriftart_r1_c44e create stability certificates for seagoing vessels of all kinds. >>
 assassment o motor
box motorbegutachtung schriftart_r1_c44orking with most modern laser systems, we measure the orientation of the motor shaft and correct it if necessary... >>