condition report

Condition reports are useful preparation for repairs and refits. Together with you we create a full condition report with repair plan based on our thorough investigation of your ship.

Upon request we create complete repair and refit specifications in German, English and Spanish.

We may either create the necessary drawings and designs ourselves in our own design office, or we collaborate with renowned agencies.

Be it a 7 KR wooden sailing yacht or a 75 m passenger sailing ship made from steel, we are your partner.

The status report may include portions, such as condition of the teak deck of a passenger ship or condition of the machinery of a motor yacht, or complete ships, e.g. for preparation of refits.

On request, we will advise you in the selection of the yard and like to take over the supervision.

Our service is worldwide; we were in Singapore and Oman, Brazil and the USA. We like to work on board of your vessel, whether in port, at sea or at the shipyard.