rigging report

We produce reports for both modern and traditional rigging. Be it a Bermuda sloop or a 5 mast square rigger.

For more than 20 years we have designed, constructed and manufactured rigging for yachts and tall ships. From this experience, coupled with our regular operations in damage repair and maintenance of rigs of various sizes, we have more than well-founded knowledge.

We examine both the mounted and disassembled rigs. Out at sea or in winter storage.

We work without a crane, check for cracks, corrosion, bearing clearance, hydraulic function, sailing condition, sailing performance, maneuvers behavior, vibration testing, noise measurements, cable tension, Ultrasonic Thickness measurements of laser surveying orientation for one or more mast rigs, physical examination of the standing and running rigging. If necessary, we carry out stress tests. We create condition reports, repair work specifications, create maintenance schedules, train crews and hold seminars.

We provide advice for riggs with wooden, steel and aluminum masts. For carbon rigging, we will provide experienced colleagues.

Upon request we provide all the necessary documents for a new rig.

Our service is worldwide, we worked in Singapore and Oman, Brazil and the USA. We are happy to work on board of your vessel, whether in port or at sea.