We evaluate sailing yachts and sailboats of all sizes worldwide with the help of our skilled personnel.

Valuations are useful for buying and selling, for mortgaging and insurance, for charter companies, for inheritance settlements and separations.

Depending on the scope of the order, we make simple reviews that also include a comparison with the current market prices for identical ships alongside a thorough inspection.

One step further, we take the boat for a test drive, check all equipment and systems for proper operation.

For large yachts we bring our team of rigging specialists, engine specialists and electricians who can develop any necessary refit specifications.

We can evaluate both a 20er dinghy cruiser and a 60 m yacht.

Our main focus lies on wooden and steel marine vessels. Common GRP production boats are not foreign to us, in this field we frequently do reports, as well

For carbon fiber hulls we like to refer you to experienced colleagues.

Our service is worldwide, we were in Singapore and Oman, Brazil and the USA. We like to work on board of your vessel, whether in port or at sea.