Sea Cloud II
Drawing: Sea Cloud II Passenger Sailing Ship
Length: 117 m Width: 16 m Sail area: 2800 m2
Development, construction and rig building
Sea Cloud Hussar
Drawing: Sea Cloud Hussar Passenger Sailing Ship (under construction)
Length: 125 m Width: 17 m Sail area: 4166 m2
development and construction of rigging
Hamburg Tallship
Drawing: Hamburg Tallship currently at planning stage
Length: 137 m Width: 17.50 m Sail area: 3473 m2
Design und Projektierung der Takelage
France II Renaissance
Drawing: France II Renaissance Projektstudie
Length: 161 m Width: 19 m Sail area: 5720 m2
Design and development of rigging
Lili Marleen
Drawing: Lili Marleen Passenger Sailing Ship
Length: 78 m Width: 16 m Sail area: 1214 m2
Development , construction and building of rigging